“Our students are the greatest gift we will ever get. Publications may burn. Research will become dated. The lives we touch with compassion, with strength, with belief in potential and assistance in reaching that potential will make more of a difference than anything we do to bolster our own professional egos and status.”          Margo Husby Scheelar

Don’t get me wrong, I L.O.V.E. research, but I do not think teaching and research are exclusive. This web site illustrates how I marry the two, and add spice to both by integrating experience, experimentation, and exuberance to my work. Feel free to browse around and connect with me.

Speaking of research…

News Flash: My new piece for Oxford Research Encyclopedias (Literature) on Reading Reception Research in the Digital Era is available online.

Our book. Reading Beyond the Book: The Social Practices of Contemporary Literary Culture. 

Check it out! The table of contents and a sample chapter are available for your reading pleasure.



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