About Me

DeNel Rehberg Sedo (a.k.a. doctor d)

Odd name. Not-so-odd woman.

My life centres (yes, that’s the correct spelling–I live in Canada) around my husband and life partner, Brent Sedo, and my friends and family, including our lovely cat, Autumn (see David Adams Richard’s Mercy Among the Children). I live for books, yoga, hiking, biking, swimming, travel, and good ethnic vegetarian food, microbrew beer and any kind of wine– depending on the day, and not necessarily in that order. We live and work in Nova Scotia, but my soul belongs in British Columbia, and aches for respite on the southern coast of Oaxaca. I really dig my gigs as a university professor, researcher and yoga teacher and can’t remember what I did in the last life to be so fortunate in this one.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi DeNel!

    I wanted to drop you a line and say hello. All is well in Calgary. I can’t believe I am three months into my new job already. I hope you’ve had a nice summer. I wasn’t sure what email address to write to you at? Drop me a line when you have some time, I would like to keep in touch with my west coast MSVU connection!


  2. Hola Dr.D

    Well, I am most certainly excited that I googled your name and came across this site 🙂 I just wanted to extend a HUGE kudos to you and your sweetie for embarking on this adventure together. I think its endearing, inspiring and humbling.
    Buena suerte (is that right?) with the snorkeling, writing, research and finding that peaceful balance.
    Big hugs,

  3. Hey DeNel –
    Just checking my blog (and hoping that I had mystically posted a new piece – I have writer’s block!) and saw a recent connect to yours. Karma. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Vancouver, just about to go for Saturday brunch at Acacia Fillo Cafe on Denman. Haven’t been before but the reviews on the net are impressive. Noted that you like Yoga. My son got into it at Queen’s because he worked at LuLuLemon. Just thought I would say hello. Best wishes.

    1. Hey Patrick! VanGroovy. Hmmm. I hope you’re enjoying it.

      I, too, wish I had more time/energy to post to my blog. I’m also trying to figure out how to add an rss that will allow people to subscribe via email notices… I’d like to eventually get to a place where I could use the blog to make some money for the library in my small Mexican village. Word Press doesn’t offer that option yet so I’ve still got some time to learn!

  4. hey doctor d
    very cool sight. Nice to learn a bit more about what makes you tick and your passions, both personal and professional. Thanks for sharing!
    doctor p

  5. Hey Back doctor P! So glad you found your way here, and I’m glad that you like what you read. The blog is a fun way to connect with those I care about, and you’re one of those people. Thank you for taking such good care of my eyes, I couldn’t do this kind of thing without you.

    Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you back here sometime soon, I hope.

  6. Hi Nel,

    Nice blog baby. I wish you could join your soul in BC. We miss you and Brent.
    Perhaps one year soon we can join you in your respite.

    Robby V

  7. Hi Dr. Sedo. Thanks for your Twitter message. I tried replying through Twitter but was unable b/c you’re not following me. I’d love to hear more about your editing needs. You can call me at 404-8277 (home office) or 489-5800 (cell).
    Thanks! Alison DeLory

  8. Hi DeNel,
    Looks like things are working out great for you on the other side of the country. Just wanted to thank you for the push you gave me almost 20 years ago to get into the co-op program at SFU.

    1. OMG, as they say. This is a wonderful blast from my past. Good to see that you, too, are doing so well. Making the world a better place. Enjoy your studies!

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