Hello world!

This is my first personal blog. I’m celebrating my promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor at MSVU in Halifax, NS, Canada by creating my own space to share with others ALL THINGS INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT. Of course, what’s interesting to me may not be to you, and what I find important, you may think me a dolt. No matter. I like the idea and potential of blogs, and wanted one for myself. Of course, I do hope you’ll share whatever it is you find interesting and important, too!


7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hey DeNel,

    Congratulations/Felicitaciones on your promotion!!!!

    Hugs and kisses,

    A friend.

  2. Glad you find my promotion interesting and important! πŸ™‚ (How does one get emoticons on this thing?!)

  3. DeNel,

    Just found your blog and have enjoyed perusing it over the past couple of days. I hadn’t heard about your promotion before now…congratulations. You so deserve it!

  4. Hi Natalie! Thank you very much, Darlin’. Coming from you, that means very much!

    I saw your pic with Jim Cuddy on FaceBook. V. Cool!!! I’m so envious!

  5. SueB! Your never-ending support has always been part of what keeps me going. Lucky am I to have you as my friend!

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