Planning vs Living in the Moment

Seems to me that trying to be present, to live in the moment is incredibly difficult if you’re an academic. Courses are scheduled nearly a year in advance, books need to be ordered six months in advance, and students you advise are planning their courses three years in advance. Research is even more not-in-the-moment. Sheesh. Granting agencies want to know your three-year plans, university committees want to know your five-year plans, and if you want to shoot for the top, well, you’d better have some career plans.

I’ve always been a planner; in fact, I think it’s one of my skills. I’d really rather plan than do, but that might be a personality flaw, and topic for another post.

Right now, I’m trying to live in the moment, and also plan for my sabbatical. Brent and I are hoping to spend time in our souls’ home, VanGroovy, from January to July 2008. We’re hoping to rent our pad here on Fox Point Lake and find a home to rent in Vancouver. If you know of anyone looking to come to NS, please send them to my posting on or on

If you know anyone who needs a home rental in Vancouver during that time, and will allow us to bring the kitten-children, have them contact us.


4 thoughts on “Planning vs Living in the Moment

  1. I can attest to the fact that this views from the house are spectacular and that it is a perfect place from which to write. And in fact, a lot of writing and publishing already goes on in this house!!!

    And although the photographs include many of DeNel and Brent’s close friends, they respect the quiet, contemplative time that is necessary to write. DeNel didn’t mention it, but there is also a wonderful Saturday market in nearby Hubbards where you can purchase everything from hierloom tomato plants to one-of-a-kind hand built wooden furniture.

  2. ah yes, the market. Thank you. The market runs from May to October, and is a hub built by a team of community members. My friend Carol is the featured furniture artist. She built the ultra cool furnishings for my communication research lab, and also built us a kitchen island that doesn’t show up in the pictures. Here’s her portfolio:

  3. Just wanted to mention that your blog is looking fab! I’m quite sad I don’t have any more classes with you to look forward to 😦

    – L.

  4. Thank you, Lauren. Your comment is a welcomed one at this time of the year when marking papers and tallying grades overshadows the fun part of teaching. It has been a joy to ride on this path with you. I’m certain you’ve taught me as many things as I’ve taught you, and I’m grateful to you for that!

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