Save Media Diversity in Canada

Who cares about what we see on television, what we hear on the radio, or read on the Internet? Who cares if our news comes from only one or two sources? Well, I care, and YoU should care, too. If you’ve ever been laid up sick at home and have had to depend on television and newspapers as your only source of news, you know that there is a lot of duplication of information in what we consider “news”. And, it’s only going to get worse if we do not speak up and ask the Canadian media policy regulatory body to listen to our concerns.

This body, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), is holding special hearings in September, and until July 18 will accept messages of concern from you and me. Here’s what at stake if we don’t do this. More American ownership, more Toronto news as “national” news, more Canadian-trained journalists loosing their jobs, more news of Paris Hilton. Mmm, not something I look forward to.

The good folks at the helm of this grassroots campaign have created a nice little letter that you can use or adapt to show your concern. Go ahead, take a moment to ensure we have access to information that will help us save our water from being stolen, protect our mothers/fathers from pharmaceutical propaganda, and help us elect people who care about us as humans. (Obviously, I’ve got a few beefs right now.) Go ahead, Canadians, SEND A LETTER!

Still not convinced? Well then, hold the CRTC accountable. Consider 1991 Broadcasting Act, which states that the Canadian broadcasting system will “serve to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural, political, social and economic fabric of Canada,”and that … “each element of the Canadian broadcasting system shall contribute in an appropriate manner to the creation and presentation of Canadian programming”… and that “each broadcasting undertaking shall make maximum use, and in no case less than predominant use, of Canadian creative and resources in the creation and presentation of programming.” How can we do that with only one or two old farts telling us what we should read, see, hear, know?

Go ahead. Send the letter.


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