WestJet Really Does Care

I thought I’d be writing my first complaint blog after my recent trip to VanGroovy, but as it turns out, I’m writing a praising one.

A bad karma trip, or something of the sort. The trip itself was fantastic with all that the West Coast has to offer: wonderful visitas, fantastic fusion food, and visits with friends who remind you why this is a great life. The bad part was the travel. Unlike any of my previous trips on WestJet, I had a bad experience going to and returning from Vancouver. First, the going. I arrived in Vancouver, but my luggage didn’t. I was told that it was on its way from Calgary. That was fine, because it was only a short wait, and the very kind customer service representative gave me a coffee voucher. However, when the bag arrived from Calgary, it had been opened–the ribbon tying the zipper together instead of a lock was missing. Nothing was missing from the bag except one running shoe! Obviously, I had to buy a new pair.

Then, on the return flight, from Vancouver to Halifax, we stopped in Calgary and in Toronto. During both stops, those of us who were “follow through” passengers were invited to get off the plane and leave our bags on board. I did so in both places. In Toronto, however, I returned to the waiting area after purchasing a drink to find my jacket and bag of magazines and books lying on the desk. I asked the customer service representative why my stuff was out of the plane, and was told that the groomers brought it out. I told the customer service prepresentatives that I put my issues of UP! on my chair as was instructed to show that I was a follow through customer. The customer service representative assured me that my bag on board was safe, which was what I was very concerned about. He said that the plane was secured. On returning to my seat, I found that indeed, my bag was ok, but that my iPod and travel pillow/eye cover, which were in the front pocket, were missing. (Note to self: never again be so foolish and leave your stuff behind. What is the horrible trendy new saying, “me bad”?)

The missing shoe I could deal with, but the iPod was a real bummer. I received it from my friend, Sue, for being in her wedding. It was a first generation mini called Silver. I loved her. (What a cool bridesmaid gift, eh?! Cool friend!)

Most impressively, customer care folks got back to me within the week! Two different reps for the two different problems. I have been reimbursed for the shoes, and I’ve got a travel credit for the cost of the other lost items. It won’t get back my cherished iPod, but I guess someone needed it more than me.

I am super happy with WestJet, and recommend the folks at other airlines take a lesson.


4 thoughts on “WestJet Really Does Care

  1. I think the bag probably got opened accidently and the one shoe fell out. The iPod. Well, it could have been the groomers. It also could have been a fellow passenger. Who knows. The moral of the story is to take your personal belongings with you. 🙂

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