Cool word. Horrible organism.

I’ve got a good excuse for not posting for more than a month. I’ve not been able to work for long periods at the computer, if I’ve been able to look at the screen at all. It seems that the eye infection I picked up in Mexico has turned out to be something that likes hanging out in both of my eyes. So far, none of the eight specialists in Halifax who have looked at it know what it is. Week before last, Drs Seamone and Kerkus took a culture of one of the eyes. (Hope you never have to go through it: Think Clockwork Orange meets scalpels.)

Right now, we’re waiting for the lab results, and I’m hoping it’s not Acanthamoeba. There’s a lot of information on it, and wikipedia seems to have an accessible definition:

The moral of this story: not sure, but keep your hands clean and your contact solution fresh.

I’ll keep you posted on the results of the culture.


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