Humber College Students Make Contact

Last night on CBC’s As it Happens I heard about the very cool project of several Humber College Students. Carol Off, who rocks my world with her ability to interview a nettle-eating bloke from England one minute and then interview the President of Pakistan the next, asked student Gino Cunti how it felt to talk with astronaut Sandra Magnus by way of technology that he helped build. Cunti was gracious towards Magnus, praising of his fellow students and obviously elated by the events of the day.

Who can blame him?

At first mention, you wouldn’t think that this is such a big deal. NASA talks with space workers all of the time. Oh, but it is different. These students built the communication systems with trash and recyclable material. Their professor helped them, but they wear the feathers in their caps.

I commend the professor for giving his students the spotlight, and I praise him for guiding them to this grand achievement. There’s really nothing like helping your students reach a new place. I might never reach outer space, but hey, I can keep trying.

If you’re interested in hearing the super cool, enlightening conversation between the students and Magnus, As it Happens posted it on their website. You’ll find it under “For the Record.”


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