MS Bike Tour 2009

Las Tres Amigas
All set to test the Canning extension loop

Well, we did it. While it might not seem like such a big deal to many of you, I am quite chuffed with the idea that my legs will take me 125k (77.67 miles) in two days. My friends, Oliva and Linda, trained with me for two months. We began with short rides of 20k or so and ended up with a 40k ride last week. That one almost did us in because riding on the Rails to Trails path in the pouring down rain can be a tough slog. I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to do the entire route for the tour. But, I did, thanks to the mula spirit of Olivia and my own stubbornness.

Most importantly, together we raised more than $3000 in the fight to find a cure for MS.

There were more than 450 cyclists on the ride, which helped to get the adrenaline flowing. Seeing that many folks dedicated at least in part to help people who suffer from the stinking disease was motivational. There were kids as young as 12 riding, and I even saw some cyclists who looked to be in their 80s. Fat ones, thin ones, everyone was out to see what their bodies were made of. The scenery was fantastic, with rolling hills covered in lush green vegetation and growing fruit on the vines. Everyone who knows me knows my heart belongs to British Columbia, but this weekend, I felt fortunate to be able to take in the unique beauty of the Nova Scotia valley.

My hats off to the NS MS Society. The staff and the volunteers really worked hard to make this event a fun one. Thank you all. This is one for the memory book.

And thank you to Olivia and Linda, you make riding more fun than it already is. I can hardly wait to tackle the province with you!

Looking a bit surprised that the first day is finished
Looking a bit surprised that the first day is finished

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