Hell Yeah!

I just love when the stars line up in my world. It’s been an exciting week with our graduate program orientation yesterday afternoon and the Joint Master of Arts in Women & Gender Studies orientation in the morning. I love seeing all of the eager faces, and hearing about the educational dreams of the students. Tomorrow will see my new term begin, with Communication Theory courses–two first year and a graduate level one, too. Teaching and learning from all of these interesting humans is one of the great pleasures of my job, so when CC Chapman blogged (or podded?) about Derek Siver’s Hell Yeah! post, I had the distinct feeling of all of my stars coming in line. Have a look at the post and decide if what you’re doing right now–this very moment– is a Hell Yeah effort, or if you’d rather be doing something else. Right now, I’m feeling pretty Hell Yeah! about the next four months! Hope you are, too.


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