Photo Talent

One of my favourite things about the Internet is that it allows my Dad and me to share discoveries of beautiful and/or amazing photography. Usually, it’s my Dad sending me links or forwarded photos, but this morning, I was able to send him something that is going to blow his socks off when he boots up his computer.

If you’re interested in photography at all, or just in nature and the environment, you’ve got to see David Doubilet’s work! The way that he captures the underwater world is truly amazing. And, check out the eel essay. He takes me back to the first time I went snorkeling and thought to myself, “My God, how could I have lived all of these years and not known this beauty before?!” I’m so inspired. Now, to find a good underwater camera to begin a new journey…



3 thoughts on “Photo Talent

  1. Thanks for putting me on to Bite, dr. Much appreciated. I wonder if Allan Neilsen knows about this? Have you seen his work? It, too, is inspiring. //

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