MS Bike Tour 2012 – Showing Gratitude for Movement

Have you recently gone for a run, jumped on your bike, swam in the pool or walked your dog? Did you love it? Show your gratitude for your ability to do what you love. Please sponsor me or my team.

I do this ride for Don, my dad, who has MS. This is a special year for us. Dad was my age when he was diagnosed with the disease.

Windsor to Wolfville to Canning and back to Wolfville (85k or 53 miles Day 1) July 28 and then Windsor to Wolfville (50k or 30 miles Day2) July 29

.10 or $1k or €1 or £1 per kilometer. Please Give.

It makes no difference. Any bit will help. Like many of you, I am concerned about where the money goes, and I have been carefully watching the MS Society of Canada and especially how they handle the Liberation Treatment potential. I am under the impression that they are supporting the research that will determine who this treatment might help, and continuing the important other on-going research.

I am going with that. I hope you do, too. Give what you can, and then get out and move!


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