One City One Book, Belfast 2014

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One City One Book

 This post is for my friend, DeNel, who will no doubt be curious about the 2014 book selection for Belfast’s Once City One Book: it is David Park’s, The Poet’s Wife.

 Sorry, no Kindle version available yet.

In interviews with a select group of Northern Irish authors, playwrights, arts administrators and, television presenters about about other book recommendations from Northern Ireland, the titles (below) were mentioned; some were mentioned more than once. Probably because of the age of most of those who were asked, the books seem to disproportionately reflect Northern Ireland’s ‘troubles.’ Not surprisingly, [insert loud sigh], more men than women were asked to share their recommendations and, the single book authored by a woman would likely be classified as Young Adult, Romance. (Somewhere, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is sighing aloud too, and saying – again – that a novel doesn’t only have to be…

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