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This website is an introduction to who I am professionally, and personally. Well, maybe only a little of the latter. I used to have a bit more time to write about what was on my mind. Now, I’m fully immersed in a few other things, like promoting a book, creating a new research project and working on a cool new class called Critical Digital Media Literacy. I’m also thinking about a new research project investigating the promotion of the ideal book club reader. I’m also dedicating time to an app with my fab research partner and two great techie men that will connect readers around the world. Oh, and I’m fully committed to becoming a better yoga teacher. So, if you’re so inclined, feel free to browse through the posts I wrote when this site was a blog by following the arrows, searching the archives or entering a search term in the search box.


One City One Book, Belfast 2014

From the field…


One City One Book

 This post is for my friend, DeNel, who will no doubt be curious about the 2014 book selection for Belfast’s Once City One Book: it is David Park’s, The Poet’s Wife.

 Sorry, no Kindle version available yet.

In interviews with a select group of Northern Irish authors, playwrights, arts administrators and, television presenters about about other book recommendations from Northern Ireland, the titles (below) were mentioned; some were mentioned more than once. Probably because of the age of most of those who were asked, the books seem to disproportionately reflect Northern Ireland’s ‘troubles.’ Not surprisingly, [insert loud sigh], more men than women were asked to share their recommendations and, the single book authored by a woman would likely be classified as Young Adult, Romance. (Somewhere, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is sighing aloud too, and saying – again – that a novel doesn’t only have to be…

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