Top 10 Mexico Experiences

(Things anyone can enjoy if they ignore corporate media reports about Mexico, and just go.)

10. Seeing an active volcano from the top of pyramid ruins in Cholula.

9. Walking in on a man “on his throne” in a restaurant, and within the space of five seconds forgetting to say “sorry” in Spanish, and taking in that not only is the man taking a dump but that he’s doing so while reading his newspaper AND smoking!

8. Smelling the rich perfume of flowers you didn’t even know existed.

7. Watching a cobblestone road being built (and appreciating that you’ve got a choice about what you do for a living).

6. Eating grilled cactus and quesadillas stuffed with squash flowers and cheese.

5. Exploring the popular and back roads of Oaxaca.

4. Seeing indigenous women carry their parcels, and everything else, on their heads.

3. Driving from Oaxaca to Pochutla through the most extraordinary mountain villages.

2. Enjoying the sun, while everyone back in NS is growing mouldy toes.

1. Living care free for a while at Bahia de la Luna. (Brent has posted a review at TripAdvisor, with some photos: Couldn’t Have Designed it Better Ourselves June 25, 2007).


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