Aspotogan Loop Ride

My first big ride of the season happens next Saturday. The Aspotogan Loop. At approximately 52 km, I’ll have a good feeling for what Day 1 of the MS Bike Tour will be like. I’m excited about the ride for two reasons: 1) I’ll be riding in my official role as a member of the “Route Enhancement Committee of the Aspotogan Peninsula” (RECAP), and 2) I’ll be on my new bike, Azul! I’ve had her out for a couple of short rides with Coyoacan, and she’s wonderful. So is he. I can tell we’re going to have a great biking season. A woman. Her bike. And, a crazy, furry dog who runs along side them.

Please consider joining me on the ride. Here’s the info that is posted on the Hubbards Barn webpage, where the ride begins. (RECAP’s web address doesn’t seem to be working. I’m trying to find out what’s up with that.)

June 20th Annual Father’s Day Bicycle Ride of the Aspotogan Loop

Join RECAP (Route Enhancement Committee of the Aspotogan Peninsula) for their annual Father’s Day Ride. Gather at the Barn and enjoy the fresh and delicious offerings of the Farmers’ Market and fuel up for a 12noon departure.

Van support provided with a final sweep completed by 4:00pm.

Organizers are the Chester Municipality, RECAP, and SMBSA (St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association). For information and interviews, call Gord Tate, 857-1078; Philip or Cathy Guest, 857-1224; Ella McQuinn, 823-1228; or Chad Haughn, 275-3490.

Azul, my new Trek 75 fx
Azul, my new Trek 75 fx

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