The Aspotogan Loop

Well, we did it. The Aspotagan Loop. There were times when I didn’t know if we’d ever finish, but my friend Linda and I persevered over the many, many hills and the horrible head winds that tried desperately to slow us down. From Hubbards Barn, around the loop and back home  took a total of five hours to complete, but that includes an hour stop for lunch at Doris’ Diner (!). It began to rain during the last hour, so now we’re ready for both wind and rain during the MS Bike Tour.

A view from the beginning of the ride - Rails to Trails portion

The scenery on the Loop is varied: from flat marshy lands to rocky coastline, with flowers in bloom everywhere. I feel fortunate to live with this right outside my backdoor. And, I’ll do what I can to make this special route safe for other riders. The PCs finally repaved parts of the road, but sadly, they didn’t make room for bikers on the shoulders. While it’s fine to ride when there are no cars, it can get a bit scary if you’re going down a hill and there’s a car going down, too, beside you. You also have to be

Full of energy
Full of energy

very careful not to fall off the shoulder, which has a two-three inch edge. The short sightedness of the government not to make this a safe route for all Nova Scotians and visitors to enjoy infuriates me. Still… I won’t let their backwardness stop me from doing the Loop as often as I can. Going down the hills at 49kmp (my fastest speed yesterday!) is just too thrilling!

I’m looking forward to riding other routes around here, so if you’ve any ideas, please let me know.


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